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Ready, Set, Fish!

fishingWell we did it. We made it back to the real world. Our world. We had to take some time off to regroup our forces in order to make sure that we could continue to keep this website up and running. It took some time to get everything dialed in but that’s all done now. We had to make some cuts and we needed to make some additions to our team but were pretty sure that we have all that done now.

With that being said we cant wait to be back in full swing again. To say we missed this place would be an understatement. But we didn’t just miss this place, we missed all of you. Our devoted readers. We are going to be sure to bring you everything we once brought and more. We are leaving no stone un-turned and we will be bringing you some of the best, most in depth information on with internet. Sit tight, and keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. This is going to be amazing!

Update: We’re going to start adding content starting today. We hope you all enjoy what we are going to be bringing you. We know we enjoyed writing it and we hope you’ve made content that will entertain and educate all anglers, both new and old.